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References for my set

Most of my references so far are attached to my deviant art account, but here are some of them.

Maya Set Idea:

My set is set in the mountains. It will be an old fortress built into a mountain. A large semi circle balcony will be the only visible part of the fortress from the outside. The balcony will open up, as you enter the mountain, into a large carved out room. The room is circular and a semi circle wall/balcony lays in the back (facing the balcony). Half-way between the wall and the balcony (in the center of the room) is a strange tower/door/statue/table/orb/sacrificing stone/hole/still working on this part. Patterns on the floor extend symmetrically in all directions from this center point. Random things are scattered around. Things like tables, weapons, equipment, etc. The wall is intricately carved. And the balcony above the wall is filled with seating(benches). A doorway in the middle of the wall leads to a set of stair heading downward. This place feels like an old and important place. No one has been here for a long time. The wind is constantly blowing in from the balcony, making staying here unpleasant. The walls have tapestries hanging that look surprisingly in great condition still. Being in this place is uncomfortable and a sense of something/someone very powerful knows you are here... maybe even watching you. A glowing light coming from the pattern on the floor is the only thing lighting the area, this pattern also extends up and onto the wall.

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Interactive Experience #3

My 3rd interactive experience is about fishing. My favorite part of fishing is how subtle it can be. First off I am not good at fishing, but its relaxing and still very rewarding when I do catch something. I like being out side near the water and seeing/hearing the fish jump. Then barely noticing the nibbles and finally a bite. THE BIG MOMENT. Did you put that worm on right? Did you use the right sized hook/line/etc? You will find you soon. Of course the best part is when you catch something and then prepare it and eat it. Yum. Good stuff.